What is Natural Parenting

Many people use the term natural parenting but few offer an explanation of what it is and why it is beneficial. Parenting is something that has been around since humans were first born and has been instinctual for the same amount of time up until the last few centuries. Natural parenting is a way of parenting to the way nature first intended, the way we we biologically evolved to do it.

So why is this better than our current way, because we have evolved over thousands of years. Whether you are religious or not, the way we naturally parent is the best way for us and more and more studies are now pointing to this fact. We were meant to be in close proximity to our parents, we were meant to be breastfed, we were designed to live in nature.


Breastfeeding is the natural way newborns should be fed and it is recommended that they are exclusively breastfed up to 6 months and a newborns gut is not ready for solids. If you can imagine thousands of years ago, a baby was ready for solids when they could reach out and put food in their mouth. There was no parent there with a spoon and jar of baby food. The baby would breastfeed until it was able to eat solids on its own. Of course this food was still provided by the community they lived in.

Attachment Parenting

Attachment Parenting is exactly as it sounds, being attached to your newborn almost all of the time. This involves carrying around the baby all day, co-sleeping, gentle discipline and making sure that their every need is met. Remembering that newborns are new to the world and know nothing more than what they see, hear and feel. Being constantly attached to them assures them they are safe in this world and it translates to a more confident child in the future.

Cloth Diapers

Nappies or diapers are something that come into a lot of focus when your new one arrives. Cloth is better for the environment and better for the baby. Cloth diapers are made of natural fabrics and are less likely to cause diaper rash. They are also reusable so even with the amount of energy used in washing them it still is far more environmentally friendly than disposables.

Elimination Communication

Going diaper free from birth may seem like a silly prospect but it is possible to understand when your baby needs to go and be ready to hover them over a potty or toilet. This means no diapers at all and the most natural way. I would ensure to do extensive research on this topic before attempting at home.

Community Support

Parenting was never meant to be done alone and as many parents who do it be themselves can tell you its very exhausting. Having family and friends to help is not a sign of weakness it is in fact the easiest and best way to raise children.

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