How is Good Parenting Achieved?

by gretag

Parenting is indeed a very noble task. Each of us can be a parent; but not all of us can be good parents. There is no designed educational course to teach us how to be a good parent; instead it can be learned through experiences in life, honed through natural affection.

From the time, a mother gave birth to her child until the time that this child has been married and has his/ her own life, parents never stopped being there for their children to give them guidance and all kinds of support. This is how dignified, parenting is.

I have been blessed to have wonderful parents who are always there for me through thick and thin. They are two people who never fail to understand and love me whether I have done the right or wrong thing. They always guide me to be if not the best daughter they can have; but more importantly, the kind of daughter they can find in me.

My parents never forced or pressured me to be the best woman in my generation; they keep on having faith in whatever endeavors I choose to pursue.

I want to share my experience, being a daughter to my parents who are a family of teachers. I have always wanted to be a writer since I was a kid; this led me to do a lot of writing stints even in my college years where I was taking up Child Education. My time then was divided into freelance writing jobs and college course education. But I am pretty guilty that I spent much time doing freelance writing jobs; and my parents allow me to do this, because they completely know that this is where I get my fulfillment.

Fortunately, I have completed my college education with flying colors because of the appropriate guidance of my parents; as always, they never failed to provide me with the needed trust and understanding.

Not all people get the chance to have good parents in their lives. That is why I am just too thankful to have brilliant parents who, for me, possess all the qualities of being a wonderful parent.

Based from my experience as a daughter, I can say that good parenting is achieved when they are:
• Sensitive to the needs of their children; and understand how their children feel toward every matter.
• Trustful of their children; but do not tolerate any wrong deeds.
• Finally, good parenting is giving unconditional love; no other people can give.

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