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Everything in life goes through a step by step process from conception until death. In each step, there are different roles to be fulfilled. One of these roles when you reach adulthood is parenting in which it entails proper guidance, wisdom and principles to mold the children and bring good influence to their lives. The child learns first at home therefore, good parenting must be practiced so that the child will also develop a better self in the future equipped with good attitude, behavior, morale and self-concept. This is the sole responsibility of parents when it comes to bringing up children in the way they should be.

Parenting is a complex responsibility. It does not end just by giving birth. The process goes on as the child grows. The child needs to be nurtured from birth until time will come that the child can already go on his own. The primary role of a parent is to provide the child the nourishment that he needs physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Being a good parent promotes effective mother-father-child relationship. For this reason, the child will grow as an effective individual in the society with good outlook in life as he was taught to be developing good habits and attitude or behavior. Most of the parents wanted their children to have a bright future and live a good life on their own when the right time comes. This is the main concern of parents once the child is born. There must be some strategies or methods to be followed to ensure an effective parenting and achieve those goals for the child.

First and foremost, a parent must be a good example to the child. Be a role model to your children. If you have a positive outlook in life, most probably your child will also do the same. Set constant rules. Give appropriate reasons for everything so that the child will understand it well. If you will restrict him to do something, explain to him why so that he will be able to know. Next, give time to your child to express about himself. Give him chance to show what he can do and what he thinks. This will boost his confidence and ego. Just make sure that he will not hurt anybody including himself. If the child is your second, third or fourth baby, never ever compare them with each other. Each child has different innate characteristics and way of thinking. The child might feel inferiority if he is being treated less compared to his other siblings and this might affect his entire life. Lastly, do not throw threats to your child. The primary fear of a child is abandonment by the parents. An effective parenting does not develop fear in their children’s heart and mind. A child has simple thinking. A child believes everything parents would say so do not threaten him because he might take your threat seriously even if you didn’t mean it to happen. Parenting is a crucial role. Therefore, have an effective method that will help you nurture your child to become a good citizen in the future.

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