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Swiss Replica Watches – What You Have Known about?

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There was once a period of time when rare people paid attention to Panerai, but now with more and more collector joining, the success of this auction will facilitate the development of Panerai and makes more popular among people, he added. Developing the base of people of Panerai watches could be helpful in diminishing their gaps with Patek Philippe or Rolex. Obviously, the sales of Patek Philippe or replica rolexes really dwarf Panerai. A couple of weeks ago before the auction, Patek Philippe Henrey Graves Supercomplication was bid for 24 million dollars. In the November 2014, the total revenue of auction of Patek Philippe watches reached 24 million dollars in the Sotheby. The year before last year, Christie gained 13million dollars only in the Rolex Daytona Lesson One themed auction. CHristie and Sothybe may avoid talking about it, but Artcurial will try to gain more customers through one or two antic watches from Patek Philippe or Rolex.

replica watches for men

replica watches for men

Among all the Panerai watches, the Panerai PAM604 has a 47mm case which is the same size as the 1936 one. It is completely manual engraving, and the most important thing is that PAM604 is engraved by the experience Italian engravers. The engraving pattern is influenced by the Florence patterns, such as Florence lily which has been the symbol of Toscana since medieval. Every case from this special edition would take an week to engrave it because the problem is that difficult exists as the case is made of .stainless steel. Through the manual engraving, it requires absolute adroit skills in engraving.

And if you are interested on collecting Swiss watches, the Panerai PAM604 is a great choice for you for its invested value or at least you can have a replica one if you are in budget economic situation to show your own personality and your style.