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Advice for Automatic Rolex Watch Maintenance

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2When comes to the issue how to maintain the swiss replica rolex watches, people might be confused and don’t know how to do it. Here are some maters you need to pay attention to and some advice for you.

Preparing a set of tool specific for bracelet, which includes an outdated magazine, a piece of clean plastic wrap, an old toothbrush and a bottle of detergent, those tools are very common in our daily life. Please prepare these cleaning tools and do the cleaning accordingly. Here are the main procedures of cleaning the bracelet.

First, we put the clean plastic wrap on the magazine and then roll the two into cylinder. The purpose is to prevent the spoiling waterlogging from dirtying the magazine. The next step is to dress the Rolex watch outside the cylinder and the slowly relax the cylinder made from the magazine, to hold the bracelet completely in case of dropping. The purpose is to expand the bracelet completely and clean the dirty spot in the gap. Second, We had better clean the surface of bracelet, and then the stains in the gap. The joint is closely connected, so it is difficult to clean the gap. Now, the gap is stretched by the cylinder made of the magazine, it is very convenient for us to clean the stains inside. And then, we turn to clean the back of the bracelet, just in the same way of cleaning the surface, we use water to clean the stains. Finally, we put the bracelet in the shadow and wait it dryable.

Keep in mind that forbid putting in the sun because it will do harm to the rolex sea dweller replica watches. Third, we suggest that mailing it to Rolex’s After-Sale Department to test its water-proof function whether it works or not. Please don’t trust the general maintenance department; they have not endowed to do the maintenance. Once they open the case, Rolex’s After-Sale Department will refuse the after-service. It had better be testified every three year.